Friday, 30 May 2014

Operation Chicken Fort: Freedom!!!!

Fencing was wrapped up over the weekend with a big push. Saturday, all the guys got out and wrapped the existing fence with wire fencing. We sent Josh out to get some more on Saturday afternoon as we were looking to run out. He ended up buying just enough

Our improved roadside fencing.
We got everything in place, leaving just a gate required to finish. Cliff finished up his gate the other day and yesterday we finally let them loose.

They are watching and waiting...mostly watching...

In the end the chickens really seemed to use the space. They are still exploring and testing out the area but they seemed to be finding their way around. At the end of the day most went in the coop and the rest were sitting outside waiting and huddling to stay warm.

Chickens were already making their way around the backside.

Our somewhat rugged chicken area was being well used.
In the end we were successful in completing this project, even though it took well over a month to do. Now we can finally get to other pending work rain-water. I just picked up my last bits of what I need. Time to install gutters, dig a footprint for the tank, and start planning my PVC pipe run.

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