Monday, 9 June 2014

Happy Cow Happy Pond Project: Cram Session

This weekend I started on what was to be the most daunting stage of my rain-water harvesting project...

Getting the water to the tank.

Now I do not have my tank yet. The decision was made to save that purchase until later in the season for cash flow reasons. I have the specs and a rough idea of what I am going to do with it.

This is my "rough" design (blue boxes are filters, diverters, and the tank).
I drew up the above diagram last week and sent it off to the folks at Watertiger to get confirmation that this was the intended layout when they came out initially. Now I just needed to get the pieces I would need.
I started with a visit to Andrew Sherett last week. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone so all I had was a hastily drawn diagram of the run with measurements. I knew I would be getting pipes so I brought the truck. Thankfully, I also brought the top of my diverter and the two filters for my run.

My complete lack of knowledge of PVC piping slowed down the process, but the knowledgeable staff helped me get what I need. I did end up going back for a few brackets and one piece we missed, but I was pretty happy for the hour spend putting the pile of bits together.

I took the pieces home and planned to start the work on Saturday morning. The weekend was relatively clear of other work and the only thing I would have to contend with would be the stomach bug that was plowing it's way through our house.

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