Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Market Watch: Prospect Lake Farmer's Market

My very first market. I jumped at the chance to take part in a market that actually falls at a time when I am not at work. This was it. A bi-annual market put on by the Prospect Lake District Community Association (www.pldca.org). The market did offer space outside but we chose to be indoors as there was more action inside.

Unlike most markets, we had electricity and decided to bring along a small freezer stocked with chickens and ground beef. Good call there. We sold a ton.

The market was fun. I think we were the only food-selling vendor as it looked more like a craft fair. We did very well as a result, bringing in sales over our higher days at Sidney last year. It was also very good for networking as we got to meet a lot of the faces in the area.

We are going to be at a lot of markets this coming season. I will do my best to get a list posted and times when we will be at each one.

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