Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Happy Cow Happy Pond Project: Start your engines.

Finally got a chance to bring everything to the team last night. I reviewed what funding we had received. I explained my decision to drop the chicken barn from the rain-water project. I explained the fencing and rain-water numbers. Approval.

So now I need to figure out how to move forward with this approval. I have been given the go ahead to do gutters and PVC piping in the spring and install the tank and pump in the fall. I also have approval to purchase the fencing and proceed with the fencing I laid out previously.

The inner fence will be the spring project, followed by the outer fence in the fall.

This week, I need to pick up my filters from Water Tiger and measure the side of the barn that needs the fascia. Cliff will pick up the lumber on one of the trips for the chicken coop. Over the weekend I will get the fascia installed. Once that is done, I will contact Victoria Gutter and get them on-site to install the gutters with holes cut to match the filters. I will then install the filters (or I may wait until PVC piping time).

Once that is all done, I will wait for a few other projects to wrap up, notably shavings and the chicken coop. Then I can start planning out the piping and get it installed. Around that time I will pick up the fencing and nails and start to build my inner fence.

Once the fall rolls around, I will get my tank, pump, and diverter installed and finalize that part of the project. I will then start to pour time into the second line of fencing. This second fence will be dependent upon any planned ditch digging as it would be in the way of the excavators (potentially). So there is the off chance that the fall fence may get pushed into pruning season or next spring.

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