Thursday, 4 July 2013

Journey to the Farm

Having wrapped up my story of our journey into this wonderful farm life, I have gone back through and updated the posts with the links to the rest so you can follow through without having to navigate all over the blog. I apologize as I missed Part 8 and then posted it a week after 9 and 10. Hopefully it was not too confusing. Here is the table of contents, so to speak ;)

Part 1: An Unexpected Conversation
Part 2: Gathering Community
Part 3: End of the Line
Part 4: The Fifth Element
Part 5: Intermission
Part 6: Timing is Everything
Part 7: Planning Community
Part 8; Smooth Move
Part 9: Come to the Land of the Ice and Snow
Finale: Enjoy the Silence

I hope the read was as exciting as the journey itself.

I have also opened commenting up to anyone. I will keep it that way until I start getting the spam bots.

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  1. Well, let me be the first to say that all of this is a heck-of-a good read - and I'm going to be checking in regularly, even though I'm there visiting so often... everyone's so busy we hardly have time for conversations, lol, so this is a great source of info. Love the pics of the dock-building process btw! :) Cheers, Sue