Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Another year as a nation...however, our second as a Farmily.

We celebrated in farmily style by getting stuff done. Our new sales area is almost complete and we managed to gather a ridiculous amount of firewood, thanks to the kindness of the development next door. We always seem to get a lot done despite the fesitvities that come with most long weekends.

We took most of the kids up to the parade in Sidney and joined a family barbeque for some evening fun. The weekend was gorgeous and blistering hot. The pool over at the grandparent's place was well used this weekend.

Speaking of parades, we may have plans to enter our own float in next years parade. Look out for us.

Nothing on the DIY front for me. I'm chasing down quotes for some compost area and fencing. Mostly, I have been hanging with the kids and keeping them entertained on the weekends while everyone else gets out to work on their projects.

I will be heading to Thetis Island for a retreat in a few weeks. In August, I will lose my sanity and take all four kids (by myself) to Edmonton to visit family. I'm looking forward to it. Pray for me.

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