Friday, 26 July 2013

It has begun!

Alright, well technically we started the season on Monday, but I have been too busy to post.

Blueberry picking has begun, which means many a late night in the garage bagging the previous days berries for the freezer.

The kids have been making a killing on blueberry iced tea. We have had a lot of visitors on their way to or from Kilarney lake, stop by for a refreshing drink. They are really enjoying running the stand.

We also had our first day at the Sidney market. It was a rousing success. We are on the north side of Fourth Street, every Thursday until the end of August. Stop by and grab some tasty blueberries or some pepperoni.

It was also a success for our latest round of jams and jellies, as well as our blueberry vinegarette. We sold a fair bit, making the evening almost as profitable as the whole day leading up to it.

Thanks for the support!

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