Thursday, 4 July 2013

Journey to the Farm (Part 9) - Come to the Land of the Ice and Snow

Part 9: Come to the Land of the Ice and Snow

Our date of possession was upon us...and so was our first snow of the season. Living in Victoria is nice for the mild winters. We rarely get a lot of snow. This year was one of those exceptions. The day before we took possession, it started to snow. It was supposed to come down heavy overnight. This was cause for worry.

Marc and Katie were moving from their place in Cobble Hill, over the Malahat, which is the main highway connecting Victoria to the rest of the island. They had the moving truck and without them, moving would be slow going as we only had a pickup. We did not want them to have to drive that beast in the mess that was coming.

Fortunately, the sellers were in communication with us and invited Marc and Katie to come a night early and spend the night. They were moving into the rental house while their new home was built and our new home was empty. Marc and Katie quickly packed what was left and headed out.

The next morning, the farm looked like a winter wonderland. I came over with Laura and the kids and started helping unpack Marc and Katie's stuff. The labelling helped out a lot. We had a few friends and a lot of parents helping out.

Once we were done it was a tight turn-around to get the truck back out. The driveway in its icy state would make things interesting. Someone went out to get ice salt, while Marc and I headed to our place a few kilometres away. Our place had a steep driveway and getting in was a bit tricky. Once we got in we then had to make it up the hill around to our house. We got stuck.

Marc was a champ and managed to slide/reverse this big mammoth back down without taking anything out. It was quite impressive. Another tight squeeze through the trees and a 1000 point turn later and we were loading up my families stuff. Getting out didn't have the same issues. but they did grind the hitch on our driveway heading out. I heared it from the other side of the property.

The remainder of the move went without issue. My car got stuck and I left it at the foot of our driveway. No one had to work and the moving truck was ours until the snow melted with no additional charge.

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