Thursday, 11 July 2013

Building a Lemonade Stand

My daughter wants an iPad. Wow. Kick in the wallet. Not going to happen.

My daughter wants to earn money to buy an iPad. Better.

Hannah is determined to save up for her own iPad. She has been saving money from the Tooth Fairy (seriously, when did it become $5 a tooth!?). She has been collecting cans and bottles and helping me sort and count them. She has been selling iced tea or lemonade when we have our busy customer days.

Liz put together a lemonade stand out of chloroplast (did I spell that right?). It looks great but the kids play outside and I fear they will wreck it. So I decided I would build her a wooden one out of all my scrap wood. I have lots of 3'-4' boards which would be perfect for this.

On Tuesday, I had a day off, so I hauled the kids down to the workshop and put together the roof and base. It is about 3' squared. It looked nice but I had no idea how to put them together. So later that evening, I got Katie to come out and advise me. I had started before she got there and she helped me finish putting studs in. Very rickety but it looks decent from afar. I reinforced it a bit and now I am ready to put the walls on.

I added a counter made of two chunks of 2'x6'. I started adding plywood for walls. I am a terrible framer. Not one of my walls is square. Oh well. I will try to get some pictures up. I have three walls done and am ready to cut the plywood for the remainder. Once that is done, I will look into buying some cedar shakes to make the outside look pretty (and cover my terrible workmanship). Some stain and a little decorative woodwork on the roof gaps, maybe a sign, and we will be selling lemonade or iced tea in style.



Also, I will be heading to Thetis Island for a church retreat this weekend. I am hoping to blog a bit while I enjoy the break.

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