Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Happy Cow Happy Pond: Half time

Sunday was not a day for work. The normal routine of church was preempted by the stomach bug. All but two of us stayed home for the day. I was still unaffected but I opted to stay with the kids as Laura had been a good sport and let me out for most of the day before to work on the barn, as well as put the kids to bed so I could assist at a conference Saturday night.

Where I left off on Saturday.
I would need to steal time if I was to wrap up what I wanted to get done this weekend. My goal was to get the diverter put together and installed, finish the pipe run and leave a dry-fit pipe pointing to the eventual tank location.

I started the morning by feeding the cows. Before doing so, I grabbed a screwdriver and liberated a section of 1 1/2" pipe from the pool. I took it over, fed the cows and glued in the additional pipe. I also spent some time putting together the bottom of my diverter. The 3" pipe was too small, but the flared ends were just right. Between the scrap pipe and a piece in my box, I was able to put it all together.

When 3" is not 3" you get this.
I then headed back to the house to hang with my sick kids and let Laura get out and go to work.

Just after lunch, I realized that I only needed to hang the diverter. I also needed to bring all of the tools back. I was able to convince Katie to keep an eyeball out for my kids who were entertained. Hannah was also going to help out. The other option was to take the boys and head over. I only needed 30 minutes to wrap up so this seemed like the better option.

So close...

I headed over in the truck and spent about 30 minutes finishing up my diverter install. It was quite heavy but I was able to get it secured.

My slightly crooked first-flush diverter.
I packed up most of the tools and took them back in the shop. When I got back to the house I reflected on what still needs to happen.

  1. A hole needs to be cut on the left side.
  2. Gutter ends need to be installed.
  3. Testing for leaks.
  4. Dig out my footprint (looking to be 3' deep now)
  5. Glue the last section together.
The gutter ends and hole are the biggest priority as it will just pour out the ends until those are in.

The leak test will require me to cap the end and fill the system with water to see what happens. I anticipate that I will probably see some leaks as the first thing of glue was quite gunky and old.

The footprint was going to be hand-shoveled (and still might) but we also are getting an excavator in this fall for other work. I may use it.

Once my footprint is dug and my tank is in place I will glue that last section in. 

Soon we shall have water.

We are getting there.

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