Thursday, 12 June 2014

A real fixer-upper

Farm work takes a bit of a back seat this weekend as we do some reno work on our rental here on the property. We recently had our long-time tenants decide to downsize and move into the suite owned by the former owners next door. This has provided a great opportunity to get a few new faces here on the farm.

Some old friends of ours from church jumped at the chance and will be moving in next month.

The boys left the place in fine condition for what it is. They did and amazing job of cleaning up all of the clutter and stuff left behind by their family (one of them is the son of the former owners). That being said, the place definitely could use some love and attention.

So this weekend will be all about removing a few odds and ends and doing a massive sweep of the place to paint and make minor repairs in preparation for our new tenants.

For all the interesting and potentially dirty jobs involved, I'm kind of excited for it.

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