Friday, 10 May 2013

Journey to the Farm (Part 1) - An Unexpected Conversation

In this series of posts, titled "Journey to the Farm", I will attempt to weave the tale of our experiences leading up to our new life as farmers in community. I hope that you enjoy the ride.

Part 1: An Unexpected Conversation

This crazy ride began a little less than two years ago. It was mid-July. I was on Thetis Island for a Church retreat. It was a beautifully sunny day and we were waiting for the ferry to come and take us home from a relaxing weekend. I decided to call my wife, Laura, to let her know we were on our way back.

She was over at her parents house, as is typical for summer weekends. The kids were playing in the pool or running around in the yard. Meanwhile, Laura and her father, Cliff, were scheming. Normally scheming is associated with some insidious plot. For these two it meant they were thinking outside the box about how to do things. In this case, they were thinking about ideas which revolved around owning a larger property where multiple families might live together. It was about then that I called.

Laura seemed distracted as I talked to her. I asked her what they were up to. She said "We're going to buy a place and you are getting a new job." At the time I was gainfully employed as an IT consultant with a small consulting company in town. It wasn't my favorite job ever, but I liked it and it paid the bills. I inquired further. Laura responded. "You are going to be a farmer." The kids were into something and she had to let me go. I ended the call and turned to get in my car and board the ferry. What a strange conversation we just had.

Needless to say, my mind started swimming with wonder at what we were getting ourselves into.

Part 2: Gathering Community

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