Monday, 13 May 2013

Journey to the Farm (Part 2) - Gathering Community

Part 2: Gathering community

Once I returned home, I sat down with Laura and Cliff and we started talking about their next big idea. Four families, one farm. As a former prairie dweller, I envisioned rolling fields and long days in the sun. I was skeptical that we could afford this and still have the time to maintain it. I asked to see the property.

We loaded up the Saanich GIS map service and zoomed in on the little slice of heaven that would one day be ours. It was a 20 acre blueberry farm nestled at the end of a road in a valley. Our potential neighbours would be 55 acres of undeveloped forest on one side, and Mt. Work Park on the other side. Blueberries? I had never imagined farming blueberries. Mind you, I am from the prairies and the climate doesn't favour a lot of fruit produce. I began to spin the possibilities in my head as they explained it.

The idea would be for four couples to buy the farm, three of those couples to live on it. The other two couples had already been considered. Both were members of the same home church that Cliff and his wife, Susan, were a part of. The idea was that the couples would use their assets to put forth a down payment. The total mortgage would be split equally amongst the four couples. It was ambitious, but it hinged on the eight of us agreeing to get on board.

We all knew each other. How would this work? Would we get along? It was not time for those questions yet as they were none the wiser as to our scheme.

So far, Cliff, Susan, Laura, and I were the only ones aware of this idea. We were all on board. The others would be Paul, Fanny, Marc, and Katie. We would meet up to drop this crazy idea on them. It would be the first of many meetings in regards to the farm purchase. 

We became excited with all of the possibilities and began to worry and wonder if the others would even consider it.

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