Monday, 27 May 2013

Journey to the Farm (Part 5) - Intermission

Part 5: Intermission

The seller's agent called Laura up to advise that another party had made a better offer and that they would be continuing negotiations with them.

We were floored. We had been going back and forth verbally and were at the point of agreement. We knew that another party had been interested, but had yet to move. We hung our heads and went back to our daily lives, looking forward to another chance at this dream.

God has a funny way with timing. At this exact point in time, we received another phone call, which made everything to do with the farm vanish from our thoughts. Our friend Tyler was in the hospital and they were going to take him to surgery for a tumour.

Tyler was a young man of God. To look at him, you would see a typical twenty-something guy who loves to play sports and be active. He was boisterous and energetic, but his heart was full of goodness and longed for God. His girlfriend of many years, Melissa, was quite the opposite personality. She was quiet, consistent, and a steadying figure in his life. They had just wed and now he had a tumour.

Things went from bad to worse when we got word that it was not a tumour. Tyler was diagnosed with advanced cancer. His doctors gave him months to live. During this time, the farm seemed like a long lost memory. We spent our time comforting our friends, while Laura (with help from Liz) planned an amazing silent auction to help raise money for the young couple.

Once the auction was complete, Tyler started his treatment. It was a long haul but in the end, God brought healing and now Tyler is cancer-free.

About a month after the bad news, another abrupt phone call would pull our attention back to the farm.

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