Thursday, 23 May 2013

Building a Dock ... my DIY experiment: Part 1

Part 1: Dreams and Plans

For a while now, I have been eyeing our pond and wondering how hard it would be to build a dock for it. I'm thinking of a small dock, no longer than 8-10 feet out. Something to tie a canoe to. I don't own a canoe. Details...

So this past weekend, we had just rebuilt our oldest (at least it looked that way) horse stall. It looks amazing. Every single board and post was replaced. It was necessary after seeing some of them. Well Josh (one of my fellow farm owners) and myself are keen on the reuse of old materials, so we sorted through the mess of wood left behind.

We took it all over to the barn and I then started three piles: a burn pile, a firewood pile, and a usable pile. Most of the boards ended up in the firewood pile after the nails were removed. Most of the posts went into the burn pile as they were treated. Surprisingly enough I found enough pieces that would suit my future dock.  I have a few longer ones and several which have good sections for the planks.

So I took my usables over to the pond. As I was scouting a good spot, I spotted two posts sticking out near the shore where I was considering building. Perfect! I now have a starting point! I've never built a dock. I pondered where to start and I think I am starting to envision my plan. I have 4 good 4v4 posts. These will be my supports. I will need to get a bit wet and bury or pound them into the bottom of the pond. Next I will take a couple of 10 foot 2x6s and put them on either side. After that I will be able to place supports at an angle going across to support the boards I will place across the dock.

We have a pile of tires from long ago and a few owners previous to us. I think I will use some to create bumpers. I am excited. I am doubly excited as my dad had said I can take their old canoe. I will be visiting Edmonton with the kids this summer and will bring it back with me.

My summer DIY project is starting to take shape and it is very pleasing. I will post some pictures once I get into the meat of it.

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