Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Happy Cow Happy Pond Project: Quotes and Plans

I decided to further the rainwater project along by getting a quote from a gutter specialist. I called them out and we walked the property yesterday, visiting the two barns.

Low roofs and a high window make this a challenging install.

The experience was enlightening for me. I realized I might have issues running a solar pump at the chicken barn due to heavy tree cover at the two potential spots I had selected. I have begun to think more on cash flow and the value of each location having rainwater harvesting. I think I have decided to let go of the chicken barn and put my weight behind the cow barn being our target for this year.

I learned a bit about gutters with the visit, but at the end of it I did not feel I was going to get the value I was seeking out of having a third party come in to do the work. At the cow barn, the contractor mentioned that we would need to install the downspouts using PVC pipe as a recommended material. The big problem with standard down spouts was the angles. I may yet get them to do the cow gutters as the cost is quite reasonable.

Here lies my challenge.
As he left to go write up the quote, I wandered back over to the house, thinking about what we discussed. A few things were sticking to me.

  • We likely would not have a warranty due to the slope of the roof and lack of snow guards.
  • I would need to put up the fascia myself.
  • I would need to do the downspouts myself (the main reason I was hoping to get a contractor in to help)
  • Essentially I would be paying for gutters with holes at each end. We need to decide if the value is there.
At the end of the day, the project moved forward with more clarity. I will be recommending dropping the chicken barn from the project, but pushing forward with the cow barn. Here are things I need to do going forward:
  • Install a fascia on one side of the cow barn.
  • Install gutters on both sides.
  • Order the filters and install them.
  • Get PVC pipe and install it to drain into the tank location.
  • Dig down the tank location
  • Order the tank and pump
  • Install the tank, pump, hoses, etc and start the system up. 
Looks simple, right? RIGHT?!
I will run through the quote with the team next Monday. We might decide to do it all ourselves or have the contractor install gutters and we do the PVC piping. Either way, I will need to enlist someone else on the team with some more knowledge about this than I have.

(For those who read this previously, I did come back and re-edit it as I am still on the fence about the gutters. Stay tuned for an update next week regarding the ongoing process!)

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