Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Birds

Walking through our fields makes one feel like they are trapped in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The amount of robins is astounding.

As I mentioned previously, I was working to post up pinwheels on bamboo stakes to deter them. The method seems to work well in personal gardens, but we wanted to try it on a larger scale. The goal is to deter the birds from pecking and eating our berries.

One of my bird deterrents.

The scientific method unfortunately cannot really help me here. We had a lousy crop last year so anything better could be unrelated. Also, Marc is taking other measures to limit the bird population in the area, so we could thank that for the improvement. Nevertheless, I have posted 78 poles with 156 small pinwheels throughout our Patriot field.

Looking across part of Field 1 towards the chicken barn.

Originally, I was intending to finish the entire farm, but for now I think we will leave it for the season and see if there is a reduction in the pecked Patriots. Beyond my vested interest in the project for my time spent, I really hope it works.

The view of the remaining pinwheels in Field 1.

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