Friday, 14 March 2014

Blueberries on the brain

Time for a big work push.

Pruning is quickly coming to a close. Josh and I are putting in as much time as we can on the weekends to contribute, while Marc plugs away at it during the week as our full-time farmer. We have a few big projects coming up these next two weekends.

This weekend we are making the push to move the remaining 15 bushes from the row we started to move. The original goal of moving well over a hundred bushes was a bit too lofty given the time needed and the weather that has been slowing the moves down. We will aim to move another row in the fall. We should be able to get this done.

Next weekend will be a big work party. We will be raking, burning, and doing shavings all in one weekend (God willing). We have recruited our church's youth group for the task, as well as any friends and family who can come out for some hard work. We are only aiming to do shavings on one field, but raking needs to be done on all three.

My first batch of pin wheels is almost put out. I will have to take some pictures. The effectiveness is hard to measure as there is nothing on the bushes for the birds to eat. They spend their time on the ground looking for worms. I will aim to get just shy of 80 deployed before leaving the remainder for another time of year (or next season).

On another blueberry note, we are still looking at plans to move forward with adding another 800 or so bushes. We found a potential supplier in a blueberry farm that is looking to downsize. Marc is doing the legwork to see how the bushes look and wrangle a nice arrangement for getting them brought over in the fall.

We are all uncertain about how that will look for pruning next season. We always seem to shave it pretty close. We will have to see how that works out...

Wish us luck and if you want to come help with the work these next two weekends, I can promise a tasty lunch for your efforts. Email me at jgodbeer at

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