Sunday, 9 June 2013

Building a dock ... my DIY Experiment: Part 4

Part 4: Finishing Phase 1 and 2

I managed to get out the next day and finish off phase 1. Phase 2 was going to be a walkway onto the dock. I managed to wrangle some materials to start the skeleton of this.

Here is what the dock looked like after phase 1 was complete:


Once I had some time, I managed to use a couple of post ends and a 2x4 and 2x6 to make the running board that the walk way would sit on.

We finally did our lumber scavenge and I had a pile of good 2x4s to use. I used a couple to run between the sides at both ends and in the middle. This would also provide stability so the walk way didn't break loose under weight.

I took the rest of the boards and cut 4' planks and screwed or nailed them down. I found myself with a lot of  2x4s that were slightly less than 8'. I used the shorter lengths that were not quite 4' in length alongside the other planks. I then used the excess 2x4s and made a rail along the edge of the dock to hide my crooked hand saw cuts.

Once it was all done, I put a pair of random 2x6 planks into the water and nailed them under the rim of the dock. They were driven in the mud enough to stay put. I took two more 2x6 chunks and made this into a ladder.

Here is the end of phase 2:

I am really happy with how it turned out. The trim made a huge difference in the look and also gave it more strength. The added walkway allows me to walk straight on instead of stepping up over the brush that was growing at the end. 

Phase 3 will be a bigger project and will likely require some purchased materials. My intent is to put a 8x10 platform on the end of the dock, stepping down about a foot. I do not think I have enough salvaged materials to pull this off. So I will price it out and see how the Farmily feels about having a nice seating area out on the pond.

Wish me luck!

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