Sunday, 2 June 2013

Building a dock ... my DIY Experiment: Part 3

Part 3: Finishing the frame and adding planks

Sunday was another nice day. After wrapping up a few necessary farm chores, I rounded up all the older kids and headed down again. I took all the same items as the previous day as I might need them.

Once I was down there, I decided I would put another 2x6 on the inside of all of the posts. I put a chunk of post at the end on the right side to space it out properly. I used my level to keep the two boards level. 

After completing this, I proceeded to go through my remining 2x6s and cut boards. The length needed was approximately 53 inches, so I was able to get two planks per board for the most part. The excess I used to pick off split ends. After using them all up I realized I would need another 5-6 boards to complete the job. The kids were good but it was time to go in. 

I would manage to get out later in the evening to finish up, but here is where we got to:


Later in the evening, I scavenged up another three boards. Two were cut shorter so it only resulted in me adding four more boards and the end board to the dock. I also managed to hammer home the last post and secure it. Here is my final result for the weekend of work:


 After the kids had settled down for the evening. I also managed to finds some old wood underneath the deck which I can use to finish up this phase. Yes. I now have phases. Phase two will be a platform at the end of the dock for us to sit on and enjoy the peace. Hopefully I can find a bit more time to get out this week and finish off this part.

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