Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Winter is here!

No snow...yet...

I have had little time to sit down and continue blogging on this site, but I am aiming to change that. Life is busy and not just because of the farm. Work, farm, family, life....yikes!

I had a good summer. Our blueberry crop this year was less than stellar. We did try our hand at markets. We participated in the Sidney Market through July and August. What a success! Our blueberries and associated products really made up for a lousy crop. We are intent on expanding our market presence next summer so keep an eye out for us.

We are heading into the hardest stretch of Blueberry farming. Pruning season is upon us. This is the time when we spend all of our spare daylight hours outside in the potentially freezing cold, pruning our bushes to maximize our yield the next year.

There is quite a lot to know when pruning and those few of us that have been trained by the former owners are constantly learning. It is a lot of work to prune a few thousand bushes by hand. With luck, we will push through in time to prep for the spring, then it is all in God's hands.

Send us your warm thoughts as we start into the prep for next season.

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